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Winnipeg Business Lawyer

Winnipeg Business Lawyer

The business lawyers at Boudreau Law have many years of experience in handling all types of legal transactions.  Our lawyers can provide you with comprehensive business and corporate legal services.  Depending on your needs, our law firm can also assist you in the day-to-day operation such as preparation of the annual returns, corporate resolutions and proceedings necessary for corporate business records.

The Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) and The Manitoba Corporations Act

When a business is starting up or even if it has been in operation for many years, a law firm should be a normal part of their business dealings. As the capital of Manitoba and largest city in Manitoba, Winnipeg has many major corporations and businesses throughout the city that use a Winnipeg business lawyer to help them with various corporate legal services.

The Canada Business Corporations Act and the Manitoba Corporations Act oversee all business dealings. It is your operating guideline for founding a business or corporation, these laws are what Canadian business lawyers refer to in their business law activities.

All cities in the province of Manitoba abide by these Acts to make local, domestic, and multinational business transactions simpler to follow. A professional business lawyer in Winnipeg understands the Acts in order to help keep businesses from financially stumbling or failing to succeed.

Service Areas For Corporate Law

Does business always run smoothly? The answer is unfortunately no because there are a variety of complications in all aspects of doing business. The Winnipeg business lawyers at Business law cover several areas of law as following:

• Bankruptcy/Insolvency
• Business Restructuring
• Competition/Investment
• Corporate/Commercial
• Digital Marketing
• Financial Services
• Franchise/Distribution
• Information Technology
• Insurance Claims
• Intellectual Property
• Mergers/Acquisitions
• Multijurisdictional Securities
• Pensions Governance
• Privacy Acts 

Business Service Areas Covered By Our Winnipeg Business Lawyers:

• Incorporation
• Share transfer
• Partnership agreement
• Joint ventures
• Business trusts
• Amalgamation
• Dissolution

Why Manitoba Businesses Hire A Winnipeg Business Attorney

As your corporate lawyer, our Winnipeg attorney will impart all of your Manitoba legal business and corporate needs in a vast range of services. In the environment of operating under the law, your business must remain compliant. For this reason, a qualified Winnipeg business lawyer will augment your operating ability to help your business through varied legal issues.

Naturally, a majority of business owners are not well-versed in how to handle legal matters in running their business. But, when you consult with a trusted corporate lawyer at Boudreau Law to assist in handling legal issues, you can be rest assured that you are in very capable hands.

The Business End Of The Law

A business lawyer is highly beneficial in enabling your company to receive legal protection. They help to protect your business interests and to properly prepare any necessary documentation. Qualified lawyers in Winnipeg and surrounding territories believe in providing creative legal solutions in a strategic and fresh approach.

All types of businesses need lawyers to provide them with legal guidance regarding aspects such as contracts. Any type of business transaction requires varying levels of negotiations, document preparations, and reviews.

Lawyers are used to help negotiate and review all matters of legally binding business agreements. This generally involves a complicated process of discussing and negotiation contracts between individuals and many other parties. For these reasons, you need the guidance of a business lawyer who is well-versed in business and corporate law, or Crown Corporations to make sure that your rights are protected.

Successful Businesses In Winnipeg

Year-round, Winnipeg is a vibrant culturally attractive Canadian city. It opens its multi-environmental arms to many cultures and businesses. The many successful businesses both large and small consists of the following:

• Agri-businesses
• Communications
• Energy/Power Utilities
• Entertainment
• Finance
• Insurance
• Legal Services
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical
• Retail Services
• Technology
• Transportation Conglomerates

Business – A Step by Step Process

Within the province of Manitoba and the city of Winnipeg, there are laws that govern how businesses must operate. For example, the City of Winnipeg licenses 15 business activities through the Doing Business in Winnipeg By-Law. If you are seeking a permit or license to conduct business, you must apply through the “Doing Business in Winnipeg By-law.” This is a step by step process where you are applying for permits and city department approvals.

Your Winnipeg business lawyer will guide you through the legal process so that you are in complete compliance. Whether you are applying for a license or renewing a business license your business lawyer will ensure that you are applying by zoning laws and more.

Canadian Business Dealings

As a major part of Canada’s international reputation, our Winnipeg business lawyers believe in operating with respect and dignity to all who need their legal help. Our motto is to help businesses of all sizes to reach their aim and objectives as permitted by law.

Our Boudreau Law business lawyers in Winnipeg are very knowledgeable in corporate and commercial practice services. They are also experienced in local, national and international business legal transactions. If your business needs guidance with discrimination issues, immigration issues, real estate guidance, and more, a Winnipeg business lawyer at Boudreau Law is your answer.

Corporate law within Canadian borders depends on whether you should incorporate federally or provincially. Even if you are an entrepreneur who is operating out of your home, there are statutes that apply in the city but not necessarily in your province.

After all, Winnipeg and Manitoba are eager to work with varying business entities to grow their business within the borders. When businesses grow so do the cities and provinces in becoming a global environment in which to conduct competitive business.

First Nations Laws

Our local Winnipeg lawyers experienced in business law works with representatives of the First Nation communities and First Nation organizations. Because of the complex legal negotiations required in this field, our experienced Boudreau Law Winnipeg lawyer could go through the constitutional discussions. Discussions cover topics like revenue streams, taxes, governance, self-designed laws, housing, employment, financial transactions, property developments, and more.

COVID-19 Business Plan

Other current and unique legal responsibility provided by Winnipeg and provincial lawyers concerns the COVID-19 coronavirus. The COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory infection. The cases of this virus are mounting. Defined as a pandemic, COVID-19 is adversely impacting Canadian businesses. How is your company responding to its impact on your employees and products?

What your business needs is a COVID-19 cohesive business plan. Let a Boudreau Law lawyer in Winnipeg sit down with your management to help devise a plan to mitigate the hardship of this pandemic on your organization. They can succinctly help businesses large and small to develop a customized plan to carry your business forward.

Estate Planning For Winnipeg Businesses

Another field of expertise is estate planning. Did you know that Wills, Trusts, and personal Directives are a part of the business environment? Winnipeg attorneys can help draw up the necessary paperwork for families, individuals, and businesses. Many bereaved clients mourn the loss of a partner or a family member who held a management interest in a company. With their passing, lawyers in Winnipeg can sit down with the necessary parties and devise all the required paperwork and handle negotiations to help settle an estate.

Why Use a Winnipeg Business Attorney At Boudreau Law?

Working with Winnipeg corporate lawyers means that the legal requirements of your business are provided for your own security. Specific laws are formulated for the operation of businesses in different Canadian regions.

As you can see, business attorneys specialize in transactional legal work for all types of businesses. Their main purpose is to help businesses of all sizes to avoid litigation problems before they happen! Business attorneys in Winnipeg ensure that all contracts are executed in accordance with the laws for each jurisdiction. Contact us today to learn more about our Winnipeg business lawyers at Boudreau Law and how they can help your business in whatever legal services your company needs.

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