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Winnipeg Immigration Lawyer

Winnipeg Immigration Lawyer

Moving from your home country to a foreign country can be an exciting yet challenging time in your life. Immigration can be an overwhelming and complex process when you need to provide documentation and are not sure on what the government requires to process your application.

At Boudreau law, we understand that the immigration process can be a stressful time in one’s life. Our immigration lawyers will outline the best route to take for your specific immigration needs, whether it is for a temporary resident Visa, student Visa, permanent resident, work permits and more.

Why Choose A Winnipeg Immigration Lawyer 

You need to get a professional Winnipeg immigration lawyer that not only speaks your language but has the experience on how to correctly submit your application to help make your dream of living in Manitoba a reality. Having the right Winnipeg lawyer with experience and dedication can not only expedite your immigration claim but will also make your transition to another country much more pleasant and exciting.

Our team of immigration lawyers and professional staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in immigration application and assessment. We provide services to assist you in exploring immigration opportunities and preparation of various immigration applications. We can also assist you if you are looking for business opportunities in Manitoba.

Manitoba Immigration

Boudreau Law is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Our team provides a wide spectrum of legal services as well as expertise in Manitoba Immigration programs. We can help with your immigration needs and assist you if you are looking to set up a business.

Our clients are our top priority and we are committed to guide you every step of the way to provide you with the best legal support possible. Focusing on integrity, dedication and results, we provide you with the necessary advice and effective results in a timely manner. You will be paired with the best immigration lawyer and team members  to meet your needs. 

Our team of professionals are fluent in English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese to better serve you and offer these immigration practice area services:

  • Skilled Workers Program
  • Business Investors Program
  • Work Permit Application
  • Study Permit Application
  • Visitor Visa Application
  • Citizenship
  • Foreign Worker Recruitment
  • Permanent Residence

Manitoba has some great immigration programs to help the application process for immigrants. To learn more about some of these programs visit the links below:

Immigrant Consultant Winnipeg

The immigration consultant Winnipeg helps individuals who are relocating to Winnipeg from overseas. The main purpose of this service is to make sure the client understands his or her legal right and avoids any legal issues when immigrating to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We will also help you to obtain Visas and other documentation needed for a smooth transition. At Boudreau law, we have first-hand experience helping immigrants for a variety of needs, such visa applications, notaries etc. 

Types of Visas

Tourist or Business Visa
Student Visa
Exchange Visitor Visa
Work Visa

Once you can define which Visa you are seeking, we can file the documentation and get you on the path to a successful immigration to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sometimes you may not need the full-services provided by an immigration professional if you are just seeking a definitive answer to a particular question relating to immigration issues. We are more than happy to have you call us to direct you on the right path.

We can provide information on financial, landing settlement or other legal issues that may hinder you to come and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, either as a visitor or permanent resident. 

Canada Immigration Lawyer

At Boudreau law, our team of lawyers have a proven record of success in appeals claims and other judicial reviews challenging governmental decisions in the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada. We take pride in our strong representation of our clients on a number of legal cases that have shaped case law nationally.

We use the same judgment and passion to help people from other countries achieve their dream.

Classification Admission Category Of Immigrant

Economic Immigrant
This first category is for those immigrants who have a work skill and prove that they can contribute to Canada’s economy. This can be demonstrated by either managing or ability to build their own business in the labor markets. Creating employment opportunities that are under guidelines of the territory or province they want to establish their business.

Immigrant Sponsored By Family
Immigrants who were sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident seeking that were granted permanent resident status through a relationship they have with another a Canadian citizen in good standing. For instance, your spouse, partner, grand parent or child may be sponsored. There is also a reunification term that falls under the family class section known as “family reunification.” 

Why Choose Immigration To Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Winnipeg is the top choice by many immigrants who seek to move to Canada. The other choices are of course, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. One of the great reasons that Winnipeg, Manitoba is in high demand for immigrants is that it is much more affordable than those cities. The provincial immigration policy also makes Manitoba the best choice for immigrants.

There are also many job opportunities in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Whether you are just starting a business or coming as a student, this is a feasible and great choice for your future! Immigration is an ever-changing area of law. Choose an immigration lawyer who cares and is experienced. Start your application today and let Boudreau Law immigration lawyers help you along the way!

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