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Canada Student Permit

Canada Student Permit

Study In Canada With An International Student Study Permit

Canada is home to 21 of the world’s top 500 universities. In 2018 alone, Canada was called home to 572,415 student study permit holders. Canada has been a top destination for international students to study abroad. This is because Canada offers some of the world’s best study programs and has some of the world’s leading research facilities and academic institutions which makes Canada a top country for immigration students to apply to study and also to live after their studies are completed.

Our Manitoba immigration lawyers at Boudreau Law provide professional advice to immigrants who want to study in Canada. Our professional and experienced lawyers and professionals help students apply for study permits, temporary resident visa, work permits, renewing or extending study permits, changing the type of permits, and applying permanent residency in Canada.

Understanding Your Eligibility Requirements & Exemptions

A student should generally start planning for their Canadian study permit at least a year in advance. Common requirements for all universities and institutions include an updated passport, proficiency in either English or French along with proof of passing certain language tests with minimum grades, proof that the student can finance their study as well as the cost of living in Canada.

Boudreau Law’s immigration lawyers help prospective students establish eligibility to study in Canada by demonstrating that they meet certain criteria to be accepted for a student Visa. Here are some of the requirements that are needed:

  • Student has been accepted by a designated school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada along with having a letter of acceptance
  • Student can afford and pay for tuition fees, living expenses and return transportation from Canada for themselves and any family members that should require it
  • Student is in good health
  • Student is law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and who poses no risk to the Canadian security
  • Student intends to leave Canada when their authorized stay expires

Please note that students are generally exempt from requiring a study permit if they are:

  • Participating in an educational course or program lasting six months or less
  • Family or staff members of a foreign representative to Canada that is accredited by the Department Foreign Airs, Trade & Development Canada
  • Student is a foreign national who belong to the Registered Indians in Canada
  • Student is a member of certain foreign armed forces (family members are not included in this exemption)

Students & Spouses Working In Canada

Our immigration lawyers can advise immigration students on whether they are eligible to work in Canada while they also study or after graduation. We can help these students apply for work permits if needed. Students of study permits can qualify to work on or off campus without an additional work permit under certain circumstances. However, a student must obtain a work permit if they are required to partake in a co-op or internship due to their educational program they are enrolled in. We can also help spouses of current students who may also want to apply for a work permit in Canada.

Renewing Or Extending Your Canada Study Permit

Our Manitoba immigration lawyers can help immigration students either renew or extend their Canada study permits also. Our team will help gather documentation and submit an application to change conditions or an application to extend your stay in Canada. We always recommend students to apply for a renewal of their study permit at least 30 days before it expires. This gives the student time to wait to hear about the decision on the extension of the renewal.

Helping Students After Their Canadian Studies Are Completed

Canada covets young international student professionals as ideal permanent residents. After the student has completed their studies, they can then apply for a post-graduate work permit. Our immigration lawyers can help you with the application of your work permit along with providing information on the various provincial immigration streams that are designed specifically for international students.

Contact Boudreau Law’s Immigration Lawyers For More Information About Canada Study Permits

Our immigration lawyers have helped many international students successfully apply for a Canada study permit along with helping them if they decided to stay in Canada on a work permit or apply for permanent residency. Contact one of our immigration lawyers to learn about the eligibility requirements and application process for a Canada study permit today.

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